About Us

We are fully Integrated Global Corporate Training, Competency Assurance, and Engineering Consultancy Company

comprising a large group of industry Professionals, Consultants, Executives, and Practitioners with extensive Regional and Global experience in Technical and Management Development, as part of Human Capital Development and Talent Acquisition, particularly in the Oil & Gas Industry, and in other industrial sectors.

Our company has been active in the region since 1990. For more than 25 years, we have been the preferred source for a comprehensive range of products and services to many long-standing clients in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries.

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We are working alongside with international bodies that provide access to global standards and certification to ensure that our products and processes match global requirements, and add a level of assurance to our clients, whilst enabling them to adopt standards that provide real business benefits to originations and their workforce.

  • ISO 2015:9001 Quality Management System (QMS), ISO 2004:14001
  • Environmental Management System (EMS), OHSAS 2007:18001
  • Occupational Health & Safety Management System (OHSAS)

    We also are Approved Center of the Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA), a UK Governmental Organization, offering Customized Award Programs (SVQ Level) credit rated onto the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF).

    • Competency and Capability Assurance
    • Workforce Assessment Solutions
    • Professional Technical Training Services
    • Engineering Consulting
    • E-Learning & Knowledge Solutions


      To provide excellent Consultancy, Industrial Training Services and Solutions to be your most trusted partner in developing excellence for generations to come. To be the centre of excellence in training and consultancy services setting the benchmark of the industry.

      Our Value

      We believe that “Quality comes First!” We are committed to provide multiple learning vehicles considering; audience, methods, and innovative styles tied to improved business results, and an uncompromising level of professional services and processes.


      Learning and Development contributes to the success of organizations. Our mission is to provide Competency Assurance Management Solutions, world-class Training and Engineering Consulting Services for the development of professionals, strategies, techniques, processes, and systems. We endeavor to bring exceptional performance to the purchasing, contracting, planning, storage, transportation, projects, and operational activities for materials, equipment, construction, and services required to help clients successfully develop and grow their organizations.

      • Committed to world-class Skills
      • Strive for excellence in everything we do and continuously innovate to ensure alignment with clients’ requirements
      • Respected and appreciated by our clients for the outstanding quality of our work, and the effectiveness of our training programs.
      • Walk-the-talk when it comes to our exceptionally skilled, motivated and committed professionals proving why our Company is one of the leading employers in the industry.

        Accreditations and Certifications

        In line with our commitment to excellence, Al-Khobraa offers a number of training programs preparing professionals for certification exams given by international associations

        All of our consultants are highly qualified practitioners who are selected for their experience in the respective fields. Their expert knowledge and individual advice throughout our programs ensure tried-and-tested methodology, practical application and leading edge development.

        Throughout the years, our consultants have supported the growth of many global organizations that lead to direct influence on the quality of our instructors and their commitment to continued professional development. With their world-class experience, exceptional credentials and cross-industry experience, our consultants are able to deliver positive results that contribute significantly to the progress and professional development of our clients.

        We design, develop and deliver world-class In-House Training Courses that are 100% customized to meet with your organizational objectives as its core guideline. A complete lifecycle learning solutions delivered at your location, at your preferred time. Our In-House Training Courses are the most cost-effective and efficient way to train your employees.

        Our success in delivering In-House Training Courses is attributed to our ability to work closely with organizations. We take a collaborative approach to creating a tailored training strategy for success understanding your goals and specific requirement to plan and formulate learning solutions that meet the objectives.

        We also provide Specialist Course Development; complete bespoke training courses developed to meet your specific requirements and learning objectives.

        “Your people are your number one Asset.” Our Competency Management Solutions provide complete competency assessment and development services offering industry-specific, general business and technical job competency frameworks.

        It allows you identify your employees’ skills gaps, as well as their strengths and potentials to maximize workforce readiness, training optimization, high performance, and safety culture development. It is also used for succession planning and talent acquisition.

        Our expertise in competency management extends beyond building competency frameworks and assessing employees, we will optimize your workforce skill-sets, support employees’ lifecycle at every level, accelerate their development by implementing customized programs, coaching and mentoring, practical hands-on-training, attachment training, and compliance for closing skill gaps, plus educating new workforce.

        “CompetencySet Online”, our CompetencySet Online is a powerful multilevel online competency management, assessment, gap analysis and reporting tool. It is user-friendly, Cloud-Based system, offers advanced reporting tool, email notifications and drag and drop capability, interacts with SAP, Oracle, and any other HR System, and SQA Certified.